IT Planning

Our 20 years of expertise of IT consulting coupled with preferred partnership of alfabet, an integrated PlanningIT software provider, we provide comprehensive IT planning that covers from Demand and Strategy to Program portfolio, IT Roadmap and Enterprise Architecture.

There are four aspects of the enterprise that determine what IT will be implemented and thus need to be balanced across the planning process:


  1. Demand and strategy
  2. Enterprise architecture
  3. Program portfolio
  4. Cost and budgets

Demand and strategy provide direction for IT. By linking business goals with the IT that supports them, or is needed to support them, IT’s mandate becomes clear. Identifying and managing this relationship is critical for being able to make the right decisions on what changes need to be made to the IT landscape to drive business improvements.

Enterprise architecture is crucial. IT planning has to be architecture-based because it is the enterprise architecture that delivers the building plans for IT – which artifacts will be used, what is their purpose and how they relate to each other. Enterprise architecture is necessary for understanding the intrinsic dependency of the IT/business relationship — for example, the dependency between business capabilities and services.

Program portfolio delivers the plan of action for IT. Key to the effectiveness of program portfolio management is the seamless integration with enterprise architecture management processes so that architectural risk is minimized and opportunities to migrate enhance or retire current applications or other IT artifacts are not ignored.

Cost and budgets provide the range in which IT change needs to be carried out. Cost management needs to be conducted with an awareness of the enterprise architecture and project portfolio. In doing so, it allow enterprises to map their budgets to value-producing IT components and transformational initiatives.