Cloud Computing


Is it Hype or Real? What are my options? Is it Secure? What applications or service are suitable? How and when can my company adopt cloud computing? What risks are associated?
While many organizations today are adopting cloud computing for the cost-cutting and speed-to-market benefits, they will not reap maximum results unless they create a roadmap for integrating cloud technologies in a broader IT strategy.
EITE has proven methodology for Enterprise Cloud adoption. EITE help our clients in maximizing the returns from moving to the cloud.  EITE cloud methodology first analyzes and optimizes their IT footprint, which involves analyzing the portfolios to identify the applications, infrastructures that are best suited to the cloud. They can then create a plan for consolidation and transforming operating models and the IT organization to become much more cloud-friendly.
We offer:
•    Cloud Assessment and advisory
•    Business Case(s)
•    Cloud Strategy and Roadmap
•    Vendor Recommendation